Earlier last week, I had seen my initial plan for the painting take shape.

And it looked like all that was left was the fine tuning details of the brushwork.

The painting pretty much followed along the process described by Eric Maisel* for bringing ideas to life.  I hushed my mind –initially watching Sherlock Holms episodes – and succeeded at keeping the “To Do” lists from getting the upper hand.

Once my mind hushed and I was holding my intention, I began to make choices. The beautiful nautilus fossil had been a real natural object that held the design I was working on.


It served the purpose of grounding my work at the start.  The time came when the geometric patterns themselves grew and were addressing something new.


I honored the process through discipline and/or habit. And I began to evaluate the work. Frankly, I didn’t like what I saw. The artwork needed to depart from the image I had held in my mind’s eye.  The ribbons look too tubular.

These forms needed to rest more deeply in the design space.  I’m about to go on to “do what’s required” to bring the composition to life.

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Once complete, I’ll share the final visual of the painting.

*Eric Maisel, Deep Writing: 7 Principles that Bring Ideas to Life.