Study #3 for Wheel within a Wheel 124


Study #2 for Wheel within a Wheel 124

“With joy
you will draw
Isaiah 12:3

As I meditated on water while working on “Wheel within a Wheel 124,” this passage resonated with me.  I drew the passage, or in reverse, the passage drew me in.  It’s from a deck of cards from a collection that I read as Lectio Divina with powerful affirmations that center my thoughts when I take up this practice.

It is significant as the thematic longing that I am seeking to deepen and cultivate – the joyful drawing of water from the fountains of life.   To prod me along the joyful trajectory I have sought out some companions for the journey.  Handel’s Water music from the concert that is said to be closest to what Handel would have known and intended to have as the instrument sounds of the time when he wrote this music.

I have been looking for fountains and will now include some chimes to serve in this quest for melodious nurturing soulful and meditative sounds.

I’ve discovered Leonardo Da Vinci was fascinated with water for most of his life and now I am trying to access a collection of his notebooks which were digitized by Bill Gates (I will need to figure out a way to access and run a Windows 95 format CD on Windows 10…)

So far, my work has centered on fluid motion, and I have some images of the ongoing evolution of the painting to share at the midway point of its completion.



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“Wheel within a Wheel 124,” Acrylic, 40 in x 40 in

I will share more updates in future posts on “Wheel within a Wheel 124” and this series on water.