Maybe it’s because of my move to the desert, where water is of paramount value, that I have been drawn to Water. Both a thirst and attraction towards the sound, motion and the surface patterns of water has been growing on me. It’s a fascinating element to look at, beyond our natural need to drink of it.

As a painter with a penchant for patterns in nature, most particularly geometric, I began to explore the subject of water as I embark on painting alongside this unique liquid. How is water mysterious and unlike other liquids in its properties?

Water exhibits a BENT geometric molecular form. It is a tetrahedral molecule with an electron pair that exerts an influence on its shape. And for the purposes of art and geometry, this will be an interesting factor to consider. Most likely, I will look at its molecular design and intertwine its structural pattern with those we can readily observe with our eyes in nature.

Some years back in 2001, I had begun a series of drawings and paintings titled Living Water. Now, I am turning once again to attune myself, through the visual responses of color and geometric shape studies, to discover and create anew alongside Water, especially its Flow.

Amongst the discoveries about water, I came across some intriguing scientific claims:

Is the shape of water affected by our words and emotions? Does water have memory? (Nobel Prize Laureate Luc Montagnier and 2017 research team in Germany.“)

A follow-up to the Blog Post with a list of citations covering the debate and ideas behind the connection of Emotions and Memory to Water for those interested in the subject matter.

Emotions and Water

Water and Memory
Water and Memory / Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
Water and Memory / Montagnier and Benveniste

As novel as the thought of water having memory or being affected by words or emotions can be, the effect water has on our senses, thoughts and emotions is at the crux of what I will be engaged with through the creative process.

Here’s an initial study while meditating on the subject of water. I’ll write again through my progress with these next paintings.

Study #1, Acrylic, 12 in x 10 in, 2018

Study #2, 9 in x 12 in, acrylic on paper

Water/Fluid geometry ideas accessible to artist thanks to Philip Ball’s writings, especially “Pattern Formation in Nature,” concepts of spontaneous hexagonal circulating cells, Kármán vortex street / Osborne Reynolds Fluid flows