This painting began while I was in San Diego during an interim period to take care of the details for a move to Palm Desert.   The artwork went through a significant number of starts and stops during the 10 months of transition while packing, moving and resettling.


The house interior is still going through stages of order and upheaval. Boxes are unpacked, a beautiful order is gained, and then space is made ready to allow for new boxes to be opened.  As the new boxes are unpacked, a new truly messy interval ensues until the new order is achieved – there are still a number of iterations to come before I’ve moved in fully.

To keep myself on task,  I’ve employed a number of interior design elements, such as wallpaper additions, tile applications, lighting features, draperies and linens that inject a level of creativity and artfulness into my immediate environment throughout and alongside all the box sorting.

What’s more presentable at this particular moment is my most recent home landscape project.  I’ve seen my front and backyard transformed. The design took shape! I have been overjoyed to see the project come to fruition.   One of my inspiration clippings was an image of the Painted Hills in Oregon.

The inclusion of a meditation garden into this design extended my creative space.

This painting accompanied me through quite a transition process – including the extension of my meditation space to an outdoor setting!