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Following is a release by TERI Inc.

TERI Partners with Geometric Abstract Artist, Lorien Suarez


Artist Lorien Suarez, Greg Snaer, Community Engagement Officer and Cheryl Kilmer, CEO & Founder


Lorien Suarez and Daniel Foster (Executive Director, Oceanside Museum of Art) with TERI Community and Executive Staff


SAN DIEGO – October 4, 2013 – TERI (Training, Education, Research, & Innovation) a San Diego-based non-profit center of excellence and social change for people with autism and other developmental disabilities and their families, is announcing its partnership with Geometric Abstract Artist, Lorien Suarez. She partnered with TERI’s Center for the Arts and Adult Education program in an effort to provide TERI students with the therapeutic benefits of art. “Her art is at once calming and stimulating,” said Greg Snaer of TERI. The students were her muse, and the result is a truly unique creation.

Inspired by fundamental principles of geometry and biomorphic references found in nature, Lorien Suarez creates paintings with a dynamic interplay of color, light and form. The artist builds multiple layers of elaborate designs that emerge from an underlying matrix to create a strong sensation of growth, movement and depth.  Working much larger in scale than most watercolorists, Suarez utilizes a combination of transparent watercolor and acrylic painting on paper. Suarez sought TERI out in an effort to reach out to serve a population often overlooked. TERI will forever be appreciative to Suarez for lending her talent and spirit and look forward to working with her again in the near future.  

Commenting about her art donation to TERI, Suarez says, “I love the great work that TERI is doing for our developmentally disabled population.   As most of us know, the power of color and abstraction to connect with and inspire this audience is well established, and I’m honored to contribute to this outstanding organization in this way.”

About TERI (Training, Education, Research, & Innovation):

Founded in 1980, TERI, Inc. is a private, non-profit 501 (c)(3) California corporation. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for children and adults with developmental disabilities and learning disabilities, specializing in serving individuals who have needs which cannot be met by other existing programs. TERI looks to the future by continuing its commitment to set new standards through establishing model programs, conducting applied research in best practices and procedures and offering training and consultation to professionals, families, and community members. Recognized as a model program in the State of California for the quality of services it provides to its clients, TERI relies on donations from the community and foundations in order to continue to set the highest standards and ensure an uncompromised quality of life to its population. To learn more about TERI or to tour our programs visit: www.teriinc.org. To join in on the latest conversation, visit: www.facebook.com/teriinc

About Lorien Suarez:

Lorien Suarez is an award-winning contemporary artist with an extensive professional resume of exhibitions at museums and galleries throughout Southern California and beyond.   Known for her large scale geometric abstract paintings, Suarez has developed a unique and strong artistic vision utilizing watercolors, acrylics, and oils.  Suarez’s multinational background and diverse academic pursuits have provided her with the inspiration and tools that define her artistic style and career. Her love for art began during her childhood years in Venezuela. She graduated with honors both at UC Berkeley for her BA, later at KU Leuven, Belgium for her MA; she also did extensive graduate work in Barcelona and Salamanca, Spain.  Suarez resides in Oceanside, CA. For more information about Lorien Suarez visit: www.loriensuarez.com