As I initially struggled to identify a subject to blog about in association with these particular artworks, I at last connected fully with that period and my journey then.  These paintings comprise a mix of sizes and were made during a season of considerable personal transitions.

The large scale painting #18 was an achievement in itself.   At the time, I did not have a studio space of my own.  I painted in an open area in my family home by the kitchen island and family room.  I had a beloved set of “kitchen critics” within the family, who observed and commented on my paintings’ progress routinely throughout the day.


Wheel within a Wheel 18 set up in kitchen

A legacy from my college days is my ability to block out distractions, an amazingly strong power of concentration and a tenacity and personal discipline that I have learned to foster and draw upon throughout my life.  So I navigated through these distractions rather smoothly.  And as I look back and do smile over that experience with fondness, I think that I was a source of “entertainment” for my family.  The company was welcomed, but I longed to find my own space…

Wheel within a Wheel 11-14 are a direct continuation of the first ten watercolor paintings (covered in Group #1).  I will make note that in these works, I used solely a monochromatic palette and circular and curved forms.


Wheel within a Wheel 11, Watercolor, 14 in x 20 in, 2003


 Wheel within a Wheel 12, Watercolor, 20 in x 14 in, 2003

www_13Wheel within a Wheel 13, Watercolor, 20 in x 14 in, 2003


Wheel within a Wheel 14, Watercolor, 20 in x 14 in, 2003

From Wheel within a Wheel # 15-17 onwards, I expand my color palette and include both circular and rectilinear forms and also transition to a moderately larger 30 in x 22 in paper size.


Wheel within a Wheel 15, Watercolor, 29 in x 18 in, 2003

www_16lrgWheel within a Wheel 16, Watercolor, 22 in x 30 in, 2003


Wheel within a Wheel 17, Watercolor, 22 in x 30 in, 2003

Number #18 in the series (as I mentioned earlier) was my first large watercolor painting, it was done using a 4 ft wide watercolor paper roll.  More works in this larger watercolor paper size will follow in my numbered sequence of postings for the “Wheel within a Wheel” series.  You may also see them as a group in an earlier blog posting.


Wheel within a Wheel 18, Watercolor, 51 in x 48 in, 2003

The last two paintings were done during the winter holidays while I was traveling and (out of necessity) were much smaller.


Wheel within a Wheel 19, Watercolor, 9 in x 12 in, 2003


Wheel within a Wheel 20, Watercolor, 12 in x 9 in, 2003

These first 20 artworks were painted in 2003 — You can see that the designs were intricate and painstakingly detailed at points, in spite of the company and buzzing of activity about me at the time, I persevered and pressed through this period of development and did achieve some valuable creative breakthroughs.