113loriensuarez_www119_wsWheel within a Wheel 119, Acrylic, 40 in x 40 in, 2018

While watching Treasure Island with my son and family, I was busy doodling in my sketchbook.  I didn’t have a plan for my new painting, so I just began to play with some classic geometric forms and came up with something that I initially dismissed as too simple.


But once I got back to my studio, I decided to revisit the sketch, and some ideas began to flow and form leading to the composition that became the artwork.


I had an exciting time last week.  Several events sent my adrenaline system into high gear, a shelving system I set up in my studio came crashing down.

As a result, two of my 60-inch x 45-inch watercolours could have been lost.

My camera now sports a slight dent on the rim of the lens and cover.

Still, I am grateful – all items are safe.  My paintings are safely hanging on walls, and the camera is in its new protective case!

Second close call: I almost lost one of my recent artwork. I did not stop fiddling with the surface finish when common sense would deem it necessary. I just wanted it to be that “perfect”…

Lesson: no more experiments on my finished work.

I’m going to use some unpainted canvases to experiment on from now on!

Glad to be back at work once again with a fresh studio setup and adrenaline rush gone!

Nothing like getting back to work!!!