In this new artwork, following the earlier  “Chromatic Crystals” and the “Wheel within a Wheel” series of works, I’ve combined the geometric elements I’ve used in each to begin a new composition.

The painting is subdivided into six cuadrants that are aligned and joined by means of a group of identical circles placed in consecutive “rows” throughout the six cuadrants. The points of intersection amongst the circles that are intertwined in these complementing rows becomes the reference ponit for lines that introduce triangular forms with a similar symmetry.

The geometric schematic derived from these intertwined squares, circles and triangles is my first approach towards creating a crystal formation.

The following crystal formations, found in nature, each introduce a triangular, cubic, circular and cylindrical formation.



In this post, I’ve set out to introduce an initial design for a new artwork following the work in my earlier (and ongoing) series’ of paintings.  I’ll update the progress in my next posts.