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Goethe – “Begin and the work will be completed.”

As I began my study about natural hues, I came upon Kremer Pigmente – a firm that has undertaken to craft pigments that are attuned closely to a “natural” palette in combination with an interest in the historical development of pigments and dyes.

The parameters of exploration on this subject of color by Kremer Pigmente speak directly to my own areas of initial interest in the study of color.   Color – as a source material in painting, both through its historical evolution and its discovery as the raw materials employed and found in nature.

I acquired a small palette of Kremer’s ready-made watercolor pigments to start a personal experimentation process with these pigments in my work.

Here are some images from the initial set up of a color block background for a watercolor painting on paper – Arches hot press natural white.


In my next posts, I will share the progress of the painting using these particular watercolor pigments, while exploring more broadly and from various sources the development of pigments and dyes as materials and their usage historically, especially in the arts.