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I begin these blog postings for 2014 at a threshold moment for “Wheel within a Wheel” as a series of artworks.

“Wheel within a Wheel 101 and 102” signal the start of a new sequence of artworks (beyond the first 100 of the series).  The paintings are distinguished by a more fluid and organic design quality.


Wheel within a Wheel 101, Watercolor on Panel, 30 in x 22 in, 2014


Wheel within a Wheel 102, Watercolor on Panel, 30 in x 22 in, 2014

The geometries are looser and free flowing.

Likely the fluidity of the artworks’ compositions are a reflection of my own life experience – I have begun to cultivate a more conscious meditative art making process and practice.

The last months have been a rich period of personal inner awakening by means of a  study and exploration of contemplative prayer and meditation practices through a belief in my participation in the dance of life as the “Beloved.”

Being the Beloved expresses the core truth of our existence.” ― Henri J.M. Nouwen