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Progress on groundwork for 8 panel project — Ongoing work:

The first painting of the two discussed in my prior post has been completed.  It was done on Arches watercolor paper.  The artwork’s drawing and design plan had been waiting on my drafting desk (in the hopes of being addressed) for over a year.  It is now a painting in the series — “Wheel within a Wheel 98.” I am truly thrilled to see it come to life!

painting_99 Wheel within a Wheel 98, Watercolor, 22 in x 30 in, 2013

As a relatively recent studio mother, I have been learning the skill of balancing my artmaking work while simultaneously keeping pace with my toddler’s whirlwind development and needs. And “Wheel within a Wheel 98” had been on the shelf for much of this year’s trajectory.

My second painting is in the works and coming along more slowly.  I have to smile at this.  It is not likely to take a year to paint, though.

Here is the progress thus far.


A picture of my studio set up and work, taken earlier this afternoon (11-9-2013).


More developments to come…