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Earlier today (July 6, 2013,) I began the process of drypoint etching along with a group of artists and board members of the Fallbrook Art Center. The artwork I drew from to create my etching is an a-typical one from my portfolio.

Marker & Mixed Media
7″ x 5″

I chose this particular artwork for the design’s lines and shapes’ potential to translate itself into a successful etching and print.

Over the course of seven hours, I pulled a series of four intaglio prints.  These I will title “Cogs & Wheels” since as a fellow artist in the class aptly pointed out to me during the course of the workshop that it looked very much like a “Thing.”

Here are my first four drypoint intaglio prints:

drypoint2Cogs & Wheels 1
10″ x 8″


Cogs & Wheels 2
10″ x 8″


Cogs & Wheels 3
10″ x 8″


Cogs & Wheels 4
10″ x 8″

 “Cogs & Wheels 2 & 4” included the use of light weight fibrous papers with special textural elements that were collaged onto the print through the press in a process termed Chine-collé.

Of the four prints, I am most drawn to the third one in the series — likely since it involved more of a painter’s brushstrokes (as I applied these onto my etching to complement the design on the plate for this print.)

For artists in the North County area of San Diego and its vicinity, the Fallbrook School of the Arts has a well equipped facility designed for print makers with workshops and is available for private use (for rent.)