“The success of humanity’s evolution will not be determined by ‘survival of the fittest’ but by our own capacity to converge and unify.”  Teilhard de Chardin, Phenomenon of Man


This post is about the evolution of a new concept in my artwork – the design framework I have been developing serves to unify and inter-relate a multiplicity of designs amongst as of yet emerging artworks.   I am debating whether these works will retain the current title or whether another will emerge as I continue to work on this concept.

This is a schematic of the design plan:


Individual Artworks side by side


Schematic for Composition using a Multiplicity of Artworks

The challenge that ensues is to allow each of the next paintings that I complete to intertwine and coordinate with one another in a multiplicity of rotations and combinations.  My aim is that over time these will be inter-related and will achieve the desired unity amongst the diversity reflected within each of the artworks and their own intrinsically unique designs.

Teilhard de Chardin’s reflections have inspired me.   And I have chosen this analogy as an opening concept for my new artwork while consciously acknowledging my naïve understanding of his vision and scholarship.

I will keep you posted on the evolution of this new creative journey…